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Crisis Management Podcast

Podcast Breakdown


·         I’m Victoria Greene, and this is Vicky T Conversation hour… the newest place for entertainment PR news...

·         Topic:  define conflict resolution and management and how we can get it to work in public relations. 
Ads that you are seeing dealing with Toyota and other companies, brands, or celebrities that have undergone tremendous amount of public scrutiny.

Define conflict

·         According to Kennesaw State Center for Conflict Management,

o   Conflict- you see it on the nightly news and in the daily newspapers and have probably experienced it in your own life.

o   Conflict can be internal or external, occurring between individuals, groups, or society; reflecting our variety of desires, opinions and needs.

o    Despite the negative consequences often associated with conflict, it can also serve as a point of change, growth and creative thinking.

o   Rather than right or wrong, conflict is often about differences.

o   In this light, conflict can be used to build more just communities and to deepen relationships.

Define conflict management and resolution

·         Conflict management is a set of tools and a way of thinking that can help prevent conflict and engage it once it arises.

·         Conflict management education teaches the different ways in which people choose to react when confronted with conflict situations and the effect of those reactions on potential outcomes.

·         More importantly, conflict management is about learning skills which provide the ability to respond in a manner that can help prevent and manage conflict by reducing ineffective responses.

·         Effective communication and critical thinking skills are at the core of conflict management.

·         The ability to form compassionate questions, challenge perceptions, listen actively, and speak assertively can dramatically impact the course of a conflict.

·         Conflict management skills also promote respect for differences, an appreciation for diversity and recognition of the differences in people, values, needs and opinions.

Explain how this could be used when dealing with Crisis Management w/ PR

·         Effective communication and critical

Situations where this needs to used by celebrities…

Chris Brown

·         His situation

·         Latest breaking situation involving birthday party

o   After reading several blog reports, including &; I seen stories about how he’s shopping for venues to celebrate his 21st but many are giving him flack

·         What really needs to be done

·         My personal opinion on

o   Whether Chris Brown’s career is over…

o   And do people need to forgive him and why

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